RS Sharma

"We are going to spend 1.20 lakh crore on this program, if all the stakeholders in the value chain have similar interests, then it will succeed. So we have recommended that let there be a BOOT model. Some entrepreneur, who builds, let him own, then operate and finally at the end of the lease let him transfer, or if he wants to continue then continue. Government is considering those recommendations."

RS Sharma
Chairman, TRAI

TRAI has recommended to the government that for the successful completion of the BharatNet project, private sector should also be involved under the public-private-partnership (PPP) mode. BharatNet is a project which seeks to connect every panchayat through the optical fiber cable pop, and there are 2.5 lakh panchayats out of 6 lakh villages. So every two or three villages or clusters will be having a pop. So after this, one can have Wi-Fi solutions, etc. For the government to construct, maintain, and market a project, most of the times become difficult as the number of stakeholders are in thousands and coordination issues crop in.

TRAI pursuing the issue has held consultations on it, recommending that for a program like BharatNet to succeed there should be an alignment of interest of all the stakeholders.


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