Deepika Singh, Director – Communications, Gionee India

In the present time and age, the means and methods for organizations to connect with their stakeholders is unfathomably vast. Gone are the days when the medium of corporate correspondence was limited to the daily newspaper. The present day world is a profusion of hitherto unknown forms of communication, popularly referred to as social media. And with the availability of these open and real time communication platforms, arrive the issues of credibility and recall.

In a world that accesses data at the click of a finger, traditional media like newspapers and television have been overtaken by social media. Online reviews have become a major force to vet products and services.

This makes the challenge of building and sustaining a positive corporate reputation even more difficult for PR communication professionals. Communication experts need to figure out how to use the digital ecosystems to an advantage for their clients, and while they are at it, reputation, authenticity, and credibility are key. Likewise, the communication industry also has a major role to play in enhancing and safeguarding a positive brand identity, which they can work toward by ensuring the following actions:

Embracing the new approach. Corporate communication has now achieved a phase where the correspondence is more individual and direct to the customer than making pronouncements via a large press conference. A written blog post by the CEO of an organization for instance is a positive effort to connect with the target audience through a more direct and personalized approach.

Hence, there is a genuine need for change in every communication professional’s approach and attitude to tap their audiences. Corporate identities are now heavily based on audience perceptions that are built on the basis of all direct and indirect communication that goes out in a brand’s name. Even internal communications cannot be disregarded or overlooked, for that matter.

Acknowledging the importance of data. PR campaigns ought to be more informative and innovative from the time of conceptualization to the time of execution. One cannot overlook that the target audience is much more educated, aware, and connected today than in the past; hence it is imperative that an organization makes proactive efforts to share relevant and valuable information with them suitable to the corresponding choice of media. 

Information that might be extremely useful to the urban audiences may not hold relevance for the rural folks. Hence, an organization must have dedicated resources for data tracking, analysis, and packaging it in a consumable fashion for the audiences as it helps in ensuring relevant communication with all stakeholders, ultimately leading to a better corporate reputation for it.

Accepting newer mediums. The world has become visual. The art of visual streaming and live video storytelling has become integral to the whole process of marketing and public relations. While it is fun, it is also immediate and direct; conveying the message in all its three dimensions, as it were.

Furthermore, live video is excessively being utilized as a tool to garner millions of viewers in seconds on social media platforms. This has turned out to be a standout amongst the most overwhelming strategies for corporate communication today and hence is one perspective that PR experts need to manage as a top priority. 

Identifying the right influencers. Another aspect that PR experts need to take into consideration as we advance is the identification of the right and relevant set of influencers. Onboarding authentic voices and not simply VIPs in any domain is the new mantra.  The internet is a colossal world full of opportunities. But finding the best fit for one’s client is a challenge that needs to be met.

Considering all these aspects of communication in the present universe of dynamic innovation and evolving trends, communications professionals have to gear themselves for more noteworthy advancements, and acclimatize those into their working styles as well as thinking processes to ace in their role. 

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