Suresh A Shan , Head BITS -Innovation & Future Technology , Mahindra & Mahindra Finance Services Limited

CRM – Customer voice, believe in values which are easily visible through behavior convert that content as business. E-business less of electronics more of emotions. Digital Corporate should move to Digital Customer. Enhancing the rural customer experience process, through Innovation using available and affordable technology.

Believe that WOW Customer Experience is a vital component of our relationship with every remote rural customer, and we strive to ensure that our financial products and services they experience are both meaningful and relevant to them. With this in mind, we have worked hard through last two decades to ensure that we leverage technology as best as possible to address the evolving needs of our rural customers. The journey of a new client begins with the intent to open an account. Thereafter, clients want to access our research and advisory to make informed decisions.

We have created unique architect which ensures and empowered with Centralized Storage with Distributed Data capture through Available and Affordable technology. A robust platform in build clusters patterns to execute our rigid fall back support solutions deployed in through different channels to capture and ensure the 24/7 availability. Subsequently, we have to track our rural alignment through investment 247. We review our portfolios to help realign our investments to play financial objectives in rural India.

Rural India has especially three major concerns, like electricity, connectivity, last-mile resource availability. This has to be supported and ensured through the design so that reliable and sustainable concept to address the issues and concerns faced become a motivation to continue to innovate in all the desired areas. Since connectivity is a major concern both, online and offline, was published to get connected to the central systems.

The business-led generation and customer registration process would take longer than desired, creating unnecessary delays in the end user on-boarding process. Despite rolling out high-quality research and advisory with regular intervals, dissemination of this information was made perfect. As a result, some of our customers, brokers, agents, dealers, and executing business partners were getting the details on time, thus impacting timely decision making irrespective of the geography and infrastructure. Acting on the advisory often required proximity to trading terminals or frequent local calls to the dealers or agents and brokers. Finally, our rural customers do have access to a robust mechanism by which they can review our investments and re align them to their financial investment objectives.

Innovations and future technology approach and passion has created to address the unique technology infrastructure concerns to convert as opportunity. Our business expectations have taken this challenge and worked tirelessly in leveraging the technology for enhancing each of the last-mile issues replacing with customer experience components. Such method and models resulted in ensuring the timely services and delivering the value to our clients in remote rural India irrespective of the spread.

Innovative measurement Options – I – On boardingbusiness lead or generate customer on boarding welcome benefittimely from hassle-free inputs captured at initial level lower transaction mobile capture on time proactive connect through our either locations or mobility operations or the outlets where the technology is enabled with E-KYC and C-KYC enabled verification details. This helped to eliminate data entry errors. If any making initial margin information capture or payments online offline improves the rural customer satisfaction as the timely service, faster process, and quick turnaround time benefits the last-mile rural customers. This has generated more positive prospects, and customers have opted to avail such financial facility or advisory for their financial requirements.

Innovative measurement Options – II – our Customer behavior patterns are called as Idea cliff hangers which disseminate all the remote rural customers' emotions as electronics to display the integrated views and information as news recommendations and financial investments, ideas, interest, feelings as directly for informed and timely decision making as "know better your customer." Such opinion and options are customizable, allowing our rural customers to focus on their unique financial needs, which can be tailor made to fit into the value systems and convert the same as long-term connect and collaboration with the remote rural customers. Financial advisory requests are published on the screen and customer's emotional feelings are notified, the instant such options and opinions are generated.

Instant dissemination of customer customized advice at one go, for timely decision making by our 1200 locations, and 23,000 executives on field (task force) have already chosen to avail this facility to deliver the timely impact and get connected across.

Innovative measurement Options – III [(Disciplined financial trading system (multi-lingual local tailor-made schemes)]. Disciplined financial advisory trading system which enables timely investment execution, creates the value system set as per the using algorithms that help us to be more connected and maximize the business options to profitable relationships; minimizes losses through the intelligent financial business trade signals. Variants of the latest technology enable to focus on rural automobile, health, medical, education and financial segments of the rural customer choice.

Here even rural customers need not be good at the systems or knowing about such financial services. Mandatory stop-loss ensures the problems or downside is minimized. The technology solutions are geared up to execute on the customer behalf. Chances of misinterpretations are easily eliminated, both time and efforts are saved by focus on right products, right solutions. Ensures the expertise advice on financial advisory is delivered and executed in a timely and seamless risk-free convenience toward end rural customer needs.


Innovative measurement Option – IV – the rural customers get a personalized virtual experience to track and monitor the financial requirements and services throughout their life cycle. The same can be customized to suit the rural end customer's unique needs. Behavioral features to adopt and behave customized to deliver the more relevant as per the last mile. An integrated view of the customer portfolio across rural financial products, with effortless ease helps to service the customer for his life cycle.

Customers can avail the alerts in multi-lingual for both SMS/IVRs to stay on top of the market dynamics news and scripts in the end user customer portfolio. Personalized integrated, feature-rich available and affordable platform to make portfolio tracking more relevant customers have availed this facility.

Innovative measurement Option – V – customers to review the investments and take the necessary steps to realign the customers toward the financial goals.

We encouraged idea generation from our task force to address the issues faced in the operational processes; many of these technology initiatives are a result of the ideas put forward by the task force of our employees. These helped fuel innovative out-of-the-box thinking and instilled a sense of passion, ownership, and motivation within the employees. Such motivations keep the higher brand awareness, keep the mind awareness mapped to the spontaneous awareness of our brand amongst all industry players. Such motivation keeps the inspiration to be highest amongst all the peer companies included.

In short, right from the time the rural customer opens an account till the time the review the financial literacy or advisory for their investments, innovative processes ensure that the experience is robust, relevant, and a pleasure to customer experience – happy reading.

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