S. Francis Rajan , EVP-ICT ,  Premier Airways Limited

Mobile does matter in today's business context, especially for SME segement. I do believe that leadership teams have started focusing on their strategies in favour of mobile-centric startegy, as business has a new opportunity to reach a new segment of target audience for the same product and services, and it breaks all barriers. Many Fortune 500 companies have disappeared from the radar and do not exist today! So it is paramount need to understand which direction the wind is blowing and take corrective measures to be in the main stream and slug it out in the market place on equal footing!

In today's context, the majority user's first screen is mobile and every individual gets to use a minimum of two screens – say mobile and PADS/phablets. With this trend and with a good ecosystem in place, there is a marked shift to more mobile web and app users. To be competitive in the market place, it is time to revisit the strategy for the leadership team and strategize as to how to implement mobile app-based services on different platforms with social integration as well.

In today's context, with the current digital push by the government for digital payments with different mobile apps and wallets, the addiction level and usage level is bound to increase. Whether by design or not, due to demonetization impact, mobile apps have become the flavor of the season! Atleast as of now.

It is irrefutable that technology is impacting lifestyle, and more so with the younger audience, who are 247 connected, it has become the new normal as they are comfortable to access and consume digital content even on the GO! Today's customer's loyalty is just a flick away – with so many mobility form factors in terms of end-point devices that have come to rule the business world, especially for the ease of use and the reach. Inevitably, business now needs to have mobile- first policy outlook and consequently re-engineer its business process to be mobile friendly, so as to enhance its reach and market share.

Mobility solutions do provide a great opportunity to business at large and more so to SME, a new paradigm shift, to revisit its processes and it is equally an urgent priority to draw its digital strategy and plan automating its process. The business teams need to create a new game plan to have as many application processes as possible to be accessed and actioned on the small device formats, as we all need to recognize that today's workforce likes to work on-the-go and expects the ability to work from anywhere and access anytime! This would also facilitate data-driven decision in lieu of gut decisions for the management.

In the always on and connected world, it is prudent for every business to have a marked presence in the online world with an emphasis on small form factor devices – mobiles. Online shopping is becoming de facto mode of shopping for a large number of people, and more so in the young age group who are now termed as mobile natives!

In reference to the mobile-first approach, we could construe mobile as the core and mobile app design as central to the core. Consequently, the heart of the design is centered over the user experience. Is your company's website mobile-access friendly?

In my view point, leadership and business heads need to have a buy-in to this and not to construe this as an IT or marketing project, but to put in place a cross-functional team to have some well-coordinated efforts to have the desired success factor. So innovate and disrupt or get disrupted!

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