Aquto has announced a partnership with global mobile telecommunications provider Telefonica. The partnership brings Aquto's data rewards service to millions of Telefonica subscribers, giving them access to more mobile data through sponsorships. Aquto works with some of the largest brands including The Coca-Cola Company, Banco Azteca, EasyTaxi and Mondelēz International to give users access to more mobile data. 

"We're excited to work with Telefonica, whose global operations reach over 170 million subscribers worldwide. Movistar Mexico was the first Telefonica property to deploy, thereby extending our reach to over 90 percent of mobile subscribers in the country," said Susie Kim Riley, Founder and CEO of Aquto. "We are also honored to be working with some of the biggest brands – in a world where connectivity is essential to our lives, our brand partners' willingness to give back to consumers through mobile data sponsorships is truly unique and visionary." 

Mobile engagement is accelerating globally, as social platforms, app developers, and marketers pay increasing attention to the rapidly growing smartphone base and growing economy in the region.

"Telefonica has long recognized there is a tremendous opportunity for mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend their capabilities into the realm of mobile advertising and marketing. Aquto's innovations in sponsored data rewards takes our MNO monetization strategy to the next level," said Jose Luis Casas, Global Director of Advertising at Telefonica. "In a world where users have smartphones and everybody relies on cellular connectivity, Aquto's platform gives us the ability to use data rewards as a universal currency."

Aquto's service enables users to get more out of their mobile devices by giving them free data packages, sponsored by third-party app publishers, advertisers and marketers. 

"Mobile marketing and advertising is growing at a tremendous rate as people spend more time on mobile than on any other device," said Maria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, Subdirector of Digital Services for Telefonica Mexico. "The regional mobile ad spend in 2017 will reach USD  4 Billion, accounting for more than 50 percent of the digital market. Aquto enables us to capture more value from the vast market." – PR Newswire