"This acquisition will strengthen Juniper's ability to bring the most advanced and most cost-effective network products to market more quickly. We expect that Aurrion's breakthrough technology will result in fundamental and permanent improvements in cost-per-bit-per-second, power-per-bit-per-second, bandwidth density, and flexibility of networking systems.”

Pradeep Sindhu

Juniper Networks has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Aurrion, makers of silicon-photonics technology used in high-speed networking systems. Juniper said the acquisition will bolster its optical networking technology and enable the company to bring advanced networking products to market more quickly. Aurrion's technology uses light-to-carry high-capacity information such as video streaming, social networking, and other bandwidth-intensive applications over long-distance networks at a significantly lower cost.

Juniper said the technology will give them greater flexibility in how bandwidth carried on light is processed inside the electronic portions of networking systems. Juniper plans to integrate Aurrion's technology to make significant improvements to the foundation of all of their networking products within a relatively short time period.


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