Mahindra Comviva has launched the newest addition to its Revenue Plus suite - a monetization platform for CSPs. Incremental revenues through incremental sales (IRIS) unifies retailer and subscriber recharge processes by providing a seamless, congruent, and concurrent recharge experience to both the parties. Subscribers are segmented across various categories and provided with an interactive best-fit offer. The aim is to create a better value proposition and increase subscriber revenue. IRIS gives the flexibility of treating each customer and retailer differently and rewards their unique combination at various levels of the upgrade.

"The effort put in by the operator for quicker ROI, revenue enhancement, and incremental margins is often hampered by the lackluster approach followed by retailers who actually sell the products. Retailers are the sole influencers at the moment of truth which is the point of sale. At this point of opportunity, they can up/cross sell a pack, assist the customer in pack discovery, or promote the operator's brand over the competitors'. Incentivizing retailers is a must to make them operators' brand ambassadors," said Amit Sanyal, assistant VP and head, consumer value solutions business, Mahindra Comviva.

Mahindra Comviva introduced its Revenue Plus suite as a data-driven marketing tool to help marketers deliver highly contextual marketing across multiple channels and on any device. Using Revenue Plus, marketers can acquire, analyze, and apply information about customer context to orchestrate personalized, real-time interactions to drive revenue performance and gain competitive advantage.


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