"Indian telecom market is the fastest growing in the world with the second-largest subscriber base. Rapid growth of the sector has fueled the demand for telecom equipment, which is estimated to exceed 1.8 trillion by the year 2020. This large domestic demand can be leveraged by domestic companies to create innovative, high-quality products and solutions that not only meet the needs of the highly competitive Indian market, but also address the global market.

Today India offers some of the most attractive incentives for electronics, information technology, and telecom products with a focus on R&D and IPR creation and an evolving framework for product standards. Indian manufacturers can make significant strides in export of telecom products to several countries, especially in emerging markets, if they produce telecom products of world-class quality, which are globally competitive on technology and price. Having a large, young, skilled manpower is another of our strengths. Various flagship programs of the Government of India like Make in India, Digital India, and Skilling India will further help this cause.

TEPC can play an increasingly important role in helping the government in formulation of appropriate policies by making recommendations on strengthening domestic product development, and manufacturing and creation of an environment conducive for increasing exports of telecom equipment and services. TEPC should strive to provide a formidable platform to its members for increasing their export business by various promotional activities such as participation in international exhibitions, setting up of highly focused "international B2B" meets in India and abroad, and establishing trade links abroad. We also need to use the resources of our embassies more effectively.

I dream of a day, not very far in the future, when Indian telecom products will, through innovative efforts of our domestic industry, be recognized as the best in class, and Indian telecom and electronics brands will be sold across the world, and stand for impeccable quality and enduring trust of consumers. With focus and determination, TEPC has the potential of being in the vanguard of this effort. I wish all success to TEPC."

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