Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. has announced the 1FINITY C200 Communications Integrator Series, allowing up to 36 of Fujitsu’s disaggregated 1FINITY Lambda and Transport blades to appear as a single network element. This simplifies site management, while maintaining pay-as-you-grow scalability and reducing operational costs for network operators.

With the C200 Series, multiple 1FINITY blades are integrated into a single logical node and presented as one IP address to an SDN controller – all over a single data communications network (DCN) interconnect port. This consolidation allows for centralized management access to 1FINITY blades and simplifies complex deployment configurations.

The Rack Manager software of the C200 Series improves operating efficiency by automating turn-up of 1FINITY blades via zero-touch provisioning, which facilitates quick deployment of large scale environments. Scaling brownfield environments is also simplified using pre-planned provisioning of 1FINITY blades. This automated provisioning process reduces installation time and expenses by reducing complexity and human error.

The C200 Series is an open Linux-based switch with interconnect ports that offer options for 1GbE optical or electrical connections. It is available in three variations to meet the management and control needs of different optical network configurations. In typical ROADM environments, the C200 unit incorporates multiple virtual main controller units (vMCU) for control and integration of up to 36 1FINITY Lambda and Transport blades. For environments that are compliant with the Open ROADM Multi-Source Agreement, the C201 and C202 units use a single, host-based MCU for consolidating up to 23 Lambda blades or up to 35 Transport blades, respectively.

For ease of operation, the 1FINITY C200 Series integrates with Fujitsu Virtuora® NC and other SDN control platforms with open APIs using YANG model-based NETCONF, CLI or Web GUI.

“Our 1FINITY C200 Communications Integrator Series increases network flexibility while reducing complexity,” said Christine Podraza, head of the optical business unit, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. “As disaggregated networks grow and evolve with Fujitsu, each 1FINITY blade addition simply looks like slotting a PIU in a shelf, when using the C200 Series for consolidation.” – Communications Today Bureau