Anritsu has launched an integrated test solution featuring its signal-quality analyzer MP1800A BERT and G0361A 64Gbaud 2-bit D/A Converter (DAC) with MUX that delivers highly accurate measurements of high-speed interconnects and backplanes under development to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demands of current and emerging networks. The solution generates extremely clean eye diagrams at up to 128 Gbps per channel for 400G applications, so engineers can verify their high-speed devices, modules and network systems are in compliance with industry standards, including 400 GbE and CEI-56G.

The MP1800A/G0361A is the industry's first solution to support 128G PAM4 generation and BER tests with accurate jitter injection, and allows engineers to test every bit of a PAM4 signal for more accurate analysis of next-generation 400 GbE interconnects and backplanes.

A number of distinct performance advantages for high-speed testing are provided by the MP1800A/G0361A solution. Best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio and a wide bandwidth allow the solution to produce the cleanest eye diagrams in the industry. Engineers have more confidence that the signal is error free to ensure their designs, as a result. Serial and parallel measurements can be conducted automatically to save test time and reduce cost of test.

In addition to providing performance benefits, the MP1800A/G0361 solution has other advantages. It eliminates the complex setup and configuration issues associated with legacy systems, while also minimizing capital equipment expenditure for lower cost of test.

The signal-quality analyzer MP1800A BERT features a flexible platform that incorporates a built-in PPG for generation of the highest-quality, highest-amplitude signals in the industry, as well as an error detector (ED) module with the highest input sensitivity available. Each MP1800A PPG or ED module can be 1-, 2-, or 4-channel to support multichannel synchronization for up to 8 channels at 32 Gbps. With built-in ED, PAM4 power measurements can also be performed with the solution.

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