NI mmWave Transceiver System is a modular reconfigurable research and prototyping platform for two-way communication and channel sounding. Combined with LabVIEW software, this hardware can be reconfigured to service the continually growing demands of cutting-edge wireless research.

This system comprises a collection of PXI modules and mmWave radio heads, which sit outside the PXI chassis. The PXI modules can be combined in an assortment of unidirectional or bidirectional configurations to build the right system for a variety of research needs and scale from SISO to MIMO. The mmWave radio heads are also modular and use the same baseband hardware and software to study multiple different frequency bands.

The software for the mmWave Transceiver System is built using LabVIEW FPGA, a part of NI's graphical system design approach. This approach is used to combine an open programming environment with high-performance hardware and simplify the software development of custom designs. The mmWave Transceiver System, coupled with LabVIEW FPGA, delivers a software-defined radio at mmWave frequencies that is suited for applications ranging from channel sounding to 5G physical layer prototyping.


  • Ideal system for prototyping real-time two-way communication systems
  • Base configurations for bidirectional and unidirectional systems that scale from SISO to MIMO
  • Flexible multi-FPGA architecture maximizes performance for computationally intensive algorithms
  • 2 GHz real-time bandwidth throughout the entire system
  • Modular radio heads with support for 71 to 76 GHz
  • Form factor that allows for lab work as well as outdoor field trials

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