IQxel-MWIn the competitive smartphone industry, building a brand is paramount. Whether developing a software application ecosystem or integrating the latest wireless technology, a quality user experience is the difference between a loyal repeat customer or a phone returned back to the store where it was purchased.

For wireless technologies in the smartphone, this means an emphasis on the calibration and verification of the cellular and connectivity radios. For communication technologies, such as LTE and LTE-Advanced, the optimal operation of the network relies on each device on the network adhering to accurate RF power transmission. LitePoint's IQxstream is a high-performance test system, tailored to ensuring the performance of today's latest cellular devices.

Key features of IQxstream

  • IQxstreamIQxstream dramatically reduces test time, and thereby production cost, by focusing on the core metrics of production test.
  • Utilizing a high-performance, production-optimized architecture, it provides support for testing of up to eight devices in parallel, and supports all of the major cellular chipset brands.
  • Available with ready-to-go calibration and verification software solutions, the IQxstream enables one to quickly get their device to market.
  • With IQxstream's best-in-class power accuracy, one can trust that every device they ship to their customers will deliver the highest-quality experience and safeguard their brand.

The upcoming 802.11ax wireless standard builds on the performance of today's Wi-Fi by enhancing efficiency and spectrum use, enabling 10X more simultaneous users on the network. If you have ever had difficulty getting a reliable wireless connection at an airport, 802.11ax is an enabling technology to alleviate these congested networks.

Key features of IQxel-MW

  • The first test solution ready for the next generation of Wi-Fi technologies, including multi-userOFDMA modulation as well as multi-user MIMO and beamforming technologies.
  • Ideal for both R&D and high-volumeproduction, IQxel-MW delivers high performance verification for all of the popular wireless connectivity standards.
  • To accommodate the unique requirements, IQxel-MW provides exceptional EVM performance at 160 MHz bandwidth. The superior performance eliminates measurement uncertainty and gives you the true device performance.
  • What's more, the IQxel-MW takes full advantage of LitePoint's years of production expertise with efficient parallel multi-DUT testing.
  • The IQxel-MW product family is available in three hardware configurations to scale to your requirements: 2 ports, 8 ports, and 16 ports. We also partner with the major wireless silicon vendors to develop chipset-specific software test solutions and now have over 350 ready-to-go test solutions.


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