NI has announced the VB-8054 instrument, a new higher-performance model of VirtualBench. VirtualBench plays a key role in reducing the cost and footprint of test and measurement systems by consolidating five of the most commonly used instruments into one device without compromising the performance of each instrument. Combined with a modern software experience and simple programming interface, VirtualBench creates new efficiencies for engineers interacting with bench-top test equipment or developing low-cost automated test systems. With 500 MHz of scope bandwidth and a faster generator in the latest model, VirtualBench meets the needs of even more engineers wrestling with how to lower their cost of capital equipment. The VirtualBench application requires zero installation and can load automatically through Windows AutoPlay, when connected through USB. It also includes software capabilities like digital phosphor density maps for displaying multiple acquisitions simultaneously, XY mode for plotting channels against one another, and hands-free smart capture for automatic data capture of repeated stable waveforms. To help better maintain the value of any VirtualBench investment, NI provides free software and firmware updates as new features are released. These features, in addition to the consolidated interface, help engineers streamline their approach for bench-top characterization and validation. The small footprint and low price of VirtualBench compared with its equivalent set of boxes help enable lower cost of test on a manufacturing floor.

The VirtualBench hardware family consists of three models most easily designated by oscilloscope analog bandwidth: 100, 350, and 500 MHz.

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