As telecommunication rapidly developed around the world, signals became numerous and complex under various situations. Identifying and locating interference signal is the key factor for health communication. SpecMini is the new-generation handheld spectrum analyzer. Compared to traditional instruments, SpecMini operates by Android OS with full touchscreen, user-friendly interface, and customized pre-installed application. Light weight, compact size, and long operating time make SpecMini perfect for field work.

Typical applications, including signal interference checking, monitoring and locating, SpecMini can be combined with directional antenna to locate the target signal. In most common scenario, interference or illegal signal frequency is known to the tester. With combination of SpecMini and directional antenna, changes in power can be visualized on SpecMini by using directivity of the antenna, then tracing to the target signal location.

The performance of satellite navigation signal acquisition, carrier tracking, and data demodulation all depend on the SNIR at the output of each correlator in a receiver. Consequently, evaluating the effect of RF interference on correlator output SNIR provides the basis for assessing the effect of this interference on these three receiver functions. With SpecMini, end users can directly observe possible jamming signal by receiving CNR loss or JNR ratio, thus further correctly locating navigation signal. SpecMini is applicable for both omnidirectional antenna for determining the quality of navigation signal and directional antenna for locating interference source.

SpecMini has been providing test and measurement services for many countries in USA, Europe, China, etc. It has been proved with significant amount of field work and various testing. With further expansion to other areas and counties, SpecMini will be the leading handheld spectrum analyzer in the future.

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