Germain Lamonde, Chairman President and CEO, EXFO

"While we have been operating as a combined company already since January 2016, we should take a moment to recognize the significance of today's news. This acquisition was smoother than many observers thought possible, and I would like to thank all our employees and partners who made it happen."

Germain Lamonde
Chairman President and CEO,

EXFO Inc. has acquired the majority of the assets of Absolute Analysis Inc. including technology, expertise, and solutions in the area of radio frequency (RF) testing for fiber-based radio access networks (RANs). This acquisition is driven by EXFO's commitment to provide market-leading solutions to mobile network operators (MNOs) in their quest to deploy next-generation fiber-based front haul networks and RAN architectures. In a market where subscriber quality of experience is a profitability game changer, MNOs have little room for error while pressure is increasing to deploy faster and minimize operating expenses.

To address these challenges, EXFO is combining its cutting-edge optical and Ethernet test technologies with those of Absolute Analysis, a privately held company in Newbury Park, California. Absolute Analysis' solutions are critical for identifying and analyzing RF interference issues in fiber to the antenna (FTTA), distributed antenna systems (DAS), remote radio heads (RRHs), and baseband units (BBUs) that support 4G/LTE and, soon, 5G wireless mobility and Internet of Things (IoT).

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