Ralf Koenzen, Founder, LANCOM

"Rohde & Schwarz and LANCOM are very well matched in terms of strategic focus and corporate culture, including a commitment to technology made in Germany. We complement one another ideally in our business models and portfolios. Through this collaboration, we expect a big boost to our further growth combined with a high degree of continuity. We are very much looking forward to this collaboration."

Ralf Koenzen
Founder, LANCOM

LANCOM Systems GmbH has secured a new shareholder, Rohde & Schwarz. Subject to approval from the German antitrust authority, the Munich-based electronics group will purchase the shares of two departing shareholders.After more than 14 years of successful collaboration, two financial investors – S-UBG AG Aachen and a family-run office – are leaving the LANCOM ownership group. Both investors have been with LANCOM since it was established in 2002. Their shares will be purchased by the Munich-based electronics group, Rohde & Schwarz. LANCOM's founder and managing director Ralf Koenzen, co-managing partner Stefan Herrlich and founding partner Carl-Thomas Epping will retain their shares. The shareholders are committed to the common objective of developing LANCOM Systems into the leading European provider of LAN, WAN, and WLAN infrastructures.

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