Richard Schenk, Head of Network and Datacenter Development, Swisscom

"The advantage our customers will experience with Ericsson cloud and NFVi is that we can introduce new products. We will bring services, which we do not know today, in the IoT environment. We will also be able to configure services with network slices so that they fit exactly to the product that we have at this moment."

Richard Schenk
Head of Network and Datacenter Development,

Ericsson has launched its verified network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVi) solution with multivendor capabilities and a transformation service offering. NFVi solution offering is based on a well-defined architecture, completely pre-integrated and verified platform consisting of hardware (Ericsson's Hyperscale Datacenter System 8000 (HDS 8000) and Blade Server Platform (BSP8000), Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment, Ericsson Cloud Manager, Ericsson Cloud SDN and consulting, system integration, and support services. Modular in design, its components can be substituted to accommodate a service provider's needs.

Ericsson's portfolio is designed to deliver flexibility during virtual network functions (VNFs) deployments. Coupled with a services offering, the solution supports a host of different deployment scenarios ranging from full decoupling of NFV components from different vendors to a full-stack solution. As the first incremental step in building the infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), NFVi supports a software-defined infrastructure that provides increased speed, agility, and efficiency when deploying new services.

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