"Anritsu is committed to satisfying a wide variety of test requirements for emerging markets, including IoT. Our solutions provide the accuracy, speed, and flexibility required to meet current product pre-certification and validation needs, as well as deliver an efficient roadmap to economically expand as the market matures. This value combination is what separates the MT8870A from many other solutions and is a key benefit for customers."

Paul Innis
Vice President and General Manager,

Anritsu has earned the 2016 Global Product Line Strategy Award – Manufacturing Test Software for IoT from Frost & Sullivan. In making the announcement, Frost & Sullivan stated that newly released software packages from Anritsu uniquely position the company's universal wireless test set MT8870A as an all-in-one instrument with unmatched solutions that support a wide range of wireless technologies to conduct high-volume production tests on IoT devices. In its report, Frost & Sullivan stated that Anritsu enjoys a prominent position in the global wireless manufacturing test and measurement equipment market, capitalizing on its extensive breadth of software packages supporting manufacturing tests for IoT devices. With three new software packages, the company showcases its commitment to delivering an all-in-one test set that supports a variety of technologies designed into industrial equipment, connected cars, wearables, and smartphones.

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