AT&T is giving global businesses the enhanced flexibility and increased network control they need with AT&T FlexWare. With AT&T FlexWare, business customers can set up multiple virtual network functions (VNFs), such as a router and a firewall, on a single FlexWare device and deploy them in different countries. They can manage their network functions via an easy-to-use online portal. It can help save costs. It is quick to set up and easy to manage.

AT&T FlexWare is modular. Businesses can mix and match FlexWare devices and applications to address the needs of their various global locations while simplifying their technical refresh cycles. For example, they can start by deploying FlexWare device with a virtual security application with their existing routers and then add other virtualized functions on the same device, as needed, over time.

In addition to the new device and enhanced functionality, AT&T is adding Palo Alto Networks' next-generation security platform to its catalog of best-of-breed VNFs.

"AT&T FlexWare offers businesses flexible networking options. One size fits all doesn’t allow businesses to compete. Our software-centric ecosystem allows businesses to start with one set of network functions and add as they go. We're empowering businesses to control and change their services to match their needs across the world."

Roman Pacewicz
Senior Vice President-Offer Management and Service Integration,
AT&T Business Solutions

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