While the Indian telecom services sector goes through another roller coaster ride, with Reliance Jio jumping on the bandwagon with its aggressive launch, the enterprise network and IT segments seem to be on a strong wicket.

India has improved its innovation ranking in Global Innovation Index 2016 to reach 66th position from its last year's rank of 81st. This improvement in the rank for India comes after 5 years of continuous drop in its ranking. India showed particular strength in its information and communication technology exports, where it ranks first in the world. India also over-performs in innovation relative to its GDP. It ranks second on innovation quality amongst middle-income economies, overtaking Brazil. And the minister of state for commerce and industry has committed that concerted steps shall be taken to improve this situation further.

Nasscom in its recent report, Reinventing to Disrupt: Shaping a New Identity for the Indian IT Industry ignites the IT industry to reinvent itself, with technological shifts forming the foundation of redefining the business and creating decidedly new operating models. And the emphasis is on executing this reinvention at an unprecedented speed.

The five major technology shifts are in cloud computing; automation and robotics; artificial intelligence and cognitive computing; the Internet of Things; and virtual and augmented reality. The report details how the corresponding technology is affecting various industries and offers recommendations for how Indian IT and business process management (BPM) companies can capture the opportunities presented by the technology as well as surmount the challenges.

The research introduces an action plan for the India-based IT and BPM companies to embrace disruptive change.

As global businesses recognizing this game-changing opportunity set out to deploy digital technologies to reshape their future, their trusted Indian IT partners for more than three decades must rise to the challenge and help them maximize their gains during this journey, assert Nasscom and experts from Accenture, Google, IBM, Infosys and Microsoft who have formulated this exhaustive document.

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