2X2 PoE 2.5 GbE Molex has introduced a 2X2 PoE 2.5 gigabit ethernet multi-port magnetic modular jack, or integrated connector module (ICM), joining the previously released 2X4 configuration. Currently, no other magnetic modular jack delivers 2.5 GbE and 30 W over 2-pair PoE in a single configuration.

PoE 2.5 GbE multi-port magnetic modular jacks from Molex help accomplish that by supporting new applications in a broad range of networked applications, including Wi-Fi access-points, IP-enabled security devices, office or home broadband routers, servers, switches, routers, communication peripherals, and PoE devices. Integrated magnetics in the jacks boost signal integrity, isolate DC voltage, and provide PHY chip protection via discrete magnetics. Also, the jacks are power device capable, and can supply 30 W to connected devices and systems in various applications. They can be upgraded to 60 W for broader endpoint support.

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