Security Fabric

IT has become central in driving business processes that serve the organization's objectives of increasing productivity, competitiveness and profit. But, as technology advancements help drive business innovation, they also make the current enterprise IT environment more complex to secure and control.

Fortinet's vision is an intelligent security fabric which spans across the entire network, linking different security sensors and tools together in order to collect, coordinate, and respond to malicious behavior anywhere it occurs in real time. It combines world-align security with dynamic scalability, actionable threat intelligence, automated adaptable response, an ability to interoperate with a rich ecosystem of partners, seamless network segmentation, and an integrated management system that provides single pane of glass visibility and centralized policy creation, distribution, and orchestration.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is based on the following key pillars:

Scalable. Security not only needs to scale to meet volume and performance demands, it needs to scale laterally, seamlessly tracking and securing data from IoT and endpoints, across the distributed network and data center, and into the cloud. The Security Fabric provides three essential elements: A single, unified platform, physical and virtual, on premises and in the cloud, that shares common threat intelligence, enables intelligent collaboration between security devices, and dynamically adapts to new threats; Single-pane-of-glass management across all security technologies, wherever they are deployed, for centralized policy orchestration, threat response coordination, and real-time distributed enforcement; and a single source for security intelligence and updates that combines local information with global intelligence services for real time response to established and emerging threats.

Aware. The need for comprehensive visibility across the distributed enterprise, coupled with granular control and automated response across multiple security devices was a key driver behind Fortinet's development of the Security Fabric.

This fabric ties together data, applications, devices, and workflows to provide a level of awareness that has never been available from any security solutions provider.

Secure. Knowledge is power. The effectiveness of any security strategy or solution is its ability to recognize and respond to threats, especially threats it has never seen before. Constant actionable updates from a trusted intelligence source that gathers real time information from around the globe allow solutions to be tuned to the latest threats. This works even better when every device in your security fabric shares the same information.

FortiGuard's threat research lab provides Security Fabric devices with critical security awareness from: The Threat Intelligence Exchange; Fortinet's FortiGuard threat research team; Live feeds from over 2.3M installed Fortinet solutions.

Actionable. The Security Fabric is designed to respond and adapt to threats in real time by leveraging actionable threat intelligence. It provides collaborative, cooperative functionality between Fortinet's suites of security technologies for increased visibility and response, FortiGate's single security OS across all implementations to simplify control, and a cloud-based management and orchestration tool that allows for centralized control across a dynamic and widely distributed network environment.

Open. Most organizations have already invested in an infrastructure of networking and security platforms and products that are an essential part of their defense capability. Extending the functionality and intelligence of the Security Fabric to leading third-party solutions is critical for many enterprises. Fortinet has developed a series of APIs that allow alliance partners to connect to the Security Fabric in order to further enhance an organization's visibility, control, and response.

The Fortinet Security Fabric Covers:

  • nEndpoint client security;
  • nSecure (wired, wireless, and VPN) access;
  • nNetwork security;
  • nData center security (physical and virtual);
  • nApplication (OTS and custom) security;
  • nCloud security;
  • nContent (email and web) security; and
  • nInfrastructure (switching and routing) security.



Exclusive Features

Progility Technologies

Network Security and

Industry leading security solutions for SMB, enterprise and datacenter requirements. Next Generation Firewalls, Application Delivery Controllers, and WAN optimization.


Locks and Security

Complete security and easy to install

Savitri Telecom Service

Spirent Avalanche
Application Testing and Enhanced HTTP Layer 4-7 Testing

The Application Testing and Enhanced HTTP bundle are two features of Spirent Avalanche that are targeted specifically at Cloud and Web application testing— whether the end goal is to test a Web application, a Web service, a cloud application
or a network device.

Cyberflood Advanced
Malware Applications and Security Test Solutions

Robust testing of security systems requires test equipment that can generate real malware payloads and emulate network traffic from already-infected systems. A variety of security systems are used to detect and prevent malware. These include: Firewalls and network intrusion prevention systems (IPS); Unified threat management (UTM) systems; Content filtering and data loss prevention systems; and In-line
sandboxing and advanced AI based malware detection solutions

Spirent SecurityLabs

Service levels of managed security testing: Standard—Basic compliance level scan (OWASP Top 10,SANS 20, PCI (6.5, 6.6); Premium—All tests in Standard level with the addition of best practices


Proactive Network
Monitoring & Management
Services (PNMM)

Provides 24×7 proactive monitoring and management of WAN (Performance Reporting and End-to-End Management), managed network sevices, professional services and application performance management, to offer end-to-end network availability, performance, and reporting with assured guarantees to Sify’s Network customers


A premium range of managed unified threat management service enabling the enterprise customer with dedicated, high-performance, high security direct Internet access. It enables the customer to take his business online without a dedicated
investment on network security and protection, providing an extra level of security with continuous threat management if there is an existing security infrastructure

MDDoS Protect

Provides an option for customers of Sify’s ExpressConnect Internet service, an option to detect and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks; DDoS attack identification and mitigation takes place within Sify’s IP backbone providing DDoS protection from malicious traffic before it reaches the customers network

Managed Security

Sify is one of leading service provider in managed security services. Enterprises can partner with Sify to manage their security infrastructure 24 x 7 to meet their stringent SLA requirements. Enterprises can also leverage Sify’s strong and mature security event monitoring and Incident Management services for near-real time visibility of thier security posture and incident response capabilities

Trend Micro

Deep Security

Delivers automated and highly scalable cloud security

Deep Discovery

Enables you to detect, analyze, and respond to today’s stealthy ransomware, and targeted attacks in real time

Smart Protection Suites

Better, simpler, more flexible endpoint security


Provides modern threat protection for anti-malware, packer variants, device control, command and control (C&C) traffic, browser exploits, behavior monitoring, web threats, census-based control, and more

Endpoint Security

Micro endpoint security gives you the threat protection and data security you need to protect your users and your corporate information across every device and application


The acquisition of TippingPoint positions Trend Micro as the go-to enterprise security provider of dynamic threat defense solutions spanning endpoints, network, data center, and the cloud

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