inteliPhy: Intelligent Administration

Is there more knowledge and information in the passive infrastructure than network administrators would ever expect?

Yes, with R&MinteliPhy, digital intelligence comes right through to every patch panel. Suddenly all knowledge is available at the click of a mouse – information about all cables and links, the status of every connection and the assignment of all ports. One central server knows how the entire network is doing. It sees errors and faults immediately. It tells local technicians where they should patch. It knows the position of free ports. It helps in the planning of changes and monitors their correct execution.

R&MinteliPhy computes optimum cable routes and link lengths in combination with geographic information systems, site maps, or floor plans. The layout of networks, cabinets, computer rooms, and company networks is shown in 3D. Large libraries of templates for active and passive network components help with planning.

These are the tools for perfect management of new installations and complex change projects. R&MinteliPhy creates work orders in logical sequence, complete with lists of materials, labels and sends them by e-mail or smartphone to installation crews. The optical signals on the Sensorbars show which cables have to be connected to which ports. Work progress is constantly monitored. This is how R&MinteliPhy helps avoid errors where they occur most often.

Mastering Every Job Cleverly

Automated network management with R&MinteliPhy is intelligent and efficient. Managers and administrators master every job immediately.

  • nThe system also manages large networks covering multiple buildings and different remote locations. Nobody has to be physically present locally
  • nThe system detects interruptions in the passive, physical infrastructure immediately and issues appropriate alarms. Repairs can be completed faster because technicians are led directly to the location of the error and receive precise instructions on site
  • nWork and change processes can be standardized, implemented, and controlled more easily. Documentation, layouts, labels, and connection plans can be created automatically and error-free.


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