UPS – Modulon Family

NH Plus Series, Three Phase: 20-480 kVA

The Modulon NH Plus series is Delta's next generation UPS featuring high efficiency, hot-swappable modular structure and N+X redundancy. With its industry leading 94 percent high efficiency, the NH Plus series delivers remarkably low total cost of ownership in terms of both capital expense and operating expense. With N+X module and system redundancy to guarantee reliability and availability, the Modulon NH Plus series sets a new milestone for UPS protection in mission critical applications.


  • nAvailable from 20 to 480 kVA (4 units x 120 kVA in parallel).
  • nRedundancy at module and system level.
  • nHot-swappable function ensures uninterrupted operations during maintenance.
  • nRedundant auxiliary power and control circuit ensures higher reliability.
  • nInbuilt maintenance and static bypass switch.


  • nModular design provides easy maintenance and scalability.
  • nMulti-language LCD display and LED status indicators.
  • nTwo smart slots and six programmable dry contact outputs.
  • nOptional external battery cabinet for longer backup time.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

  • nLow harmonic distortion (iTHD<3%) optimized generator size to save initial investment.
  • nHigh input and output power factor (I/P pf >0.99; O/P pf up to 0.9) and 94% high efficiency reduce operating costs.

DPH Series, Three Phase:
25-75 / 150 / 200 kW

The Modulon DPH supports ultimate availability for datacenter operations and provides the benefit of pay as you go without over-sizing the UPS. While achieving ultimate availability, the Modulon DPH does not compromise on power efficiency performance. When availability, efficiency and expanding according to business needs are essential, the Modulon DPH is the ideal UPS system to provide power protection and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Ultimate Availability

  • nAdvanced fault tolerance design achieved by self-redundancy to guarantee operation continuity
  • nSelf-synchronization of power and control modules for continuous on-line operation even in the event of control module failure to avoid downtime caused by single point failure
  • nHot-swappable key modules and components to ensure Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) close to zero without downtime risk

High Scalability

  • nVertical expansion from 25kW to 75/150/200kW supporting N+X redundancy in a single rack enclosure to save footprint
  • nParallel expansion up to four units without requiring additional hardware
  • nOptional Rack-Mount PDC (applicable for 75/150kW models) has flexibility to arrange its UPS's output power feeding according to its connected critical loads.
  • nOptional built-in battery modules (applicable for 75kW models) at maximum four units (four battery trays each)

Excellent Power Performance and Efficiency

  • nFull rated power (kVA=kW) to maximize power availability
  • nHigh operating efficiency of 95 percent at 30 percent light load and 96 percent from 50 percent load resulting in marked energy cost savings
  • nLow harmonic pollution (iTHD<3%) to reduce upstream investment costs and meet demanding power requirements

Easy Maintenance

  • nBuilt-in manual bypass features to eliminate maintenance-related downtime
  • nProactive detection of fan failure and switch fault for early diagnosis on UPS malfunction
  • nPlug and play modularity to simplify the maintenance process

Delta Power Solutions

SVG Series

SVG (fixed type): Rating -415V, 50kvar
SVG (fixed type) Gen II: Rating - 415V, 50kvar
SVG (fixed type): Rating -415V, 100kvar
Cabinet for SVG

Eaton Corporation

BladeUPS (12-60 kW)

Power protection from 12 kW to 60 kW with industry-leading efficiency in a single 19-inch rack enclosure

E Series DX ( 20-80 kVA)

Voltage and frequency independent, transformer free, double conversion topology enables UPS to adapt to wide range of variance in input voltage without compromising quality of UPS output power

Eaton 93E (15-400 kVA)

Delivers superior power protection for every-expanding loads in today’s spaceconstrained applications

Eaton 93PR (25-200 kW)

A new 3-phase double conversion UPS solution that keeps critical applications running

Eaton 93PM (30-200 kW)

A new 3-phase double conversion UPS solution that keeps critical applications running

Power Xpert 9395

Double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for large data

Power Xpert 9395

centers, healthcare and financial applications, and other critical systems

Emerson Network Power

Whether a data center houses 3 racks or has more than 100 IT racks, deployment of new technologies with high power densities is impacting the power and cooling systems that business-critical servers and communications devices depend on for their performance and reliability. Thanks to critical infrastructure systems from Emerson
Network Power, businesses can respond to changes in density, capacity and availability while achieving greater operating flexibility, higher system availability, and lower total costs. The vendor offers equipment-based services, professional services, and site-level services to data centers


GE’s Critical Power delivers fully configured power systems including switchgear, power transformers, unit substations, and SG UPS with eBoost, providing uninterruptible power with the industry’s highest efficiency. The Team helps customers maintain the highest availability, improves operational efficiency and expense, while preserving system reliability and lowering their risk with performance services to data centers

Schneider Electric

Simplifying the data center at every step of its lifecycle including planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, and assessment. It also helps eliminate risks, solving business-critical challenges, and meet all colocation needs.



ABS India

With system integration capabilities, ABS India addresses all requirements of data centers with leading OEM technologies of the world; offers comprehensive range of solutions for large enterprises & SMB space with leading OEM technologies being integrated to suit enterprise requirements and environment

Mitel Networks

MiVoice MX-One. Bring whole new and modern technology; expand upto 500,000 users with integrating voice, video, and IM with mobility; provides centralized or distributed architecture with all types of connectivity (Analog, Digital, IP, Mobility)
MIVoice Business. Highly scalable, proven business communication platform that delivers voice, unified messaging,

mobility, presence, conferencing, collaboration, applications, and more; fulfils business needs of more than 120,000 users with platform independence (ISS, virtual, multi-instance, and cloud)

Viavi (JDSU)

1Gb, 10 Gb, 40 Gb nTAPs High Density Optical nTap (HDOT)

Seamless interoperability with all standards’ compliant networks/tools; standard optical, one, two, and three channel support; high density optical tap (HDOT) scales to 24 ports with 1U form-factor in single module intervals

Matrix 1024

Ease of use/rules based, simplified traffic flow configurability, advanced filtering, packet manipulation


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Mimo india



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