At Sify, integrated end-to-end offerings spanning telecom, data center services, applications and technology integration services coupled with our SLAs-driven service model, has helped customers gain significantly to future proof their businesses. Sify is enabling some of the largest transformation projects driven by the Digital India initiative and is providing solutions that are flexible, scalable, and innovative in an ever-changing IT landscape. The breadth of Sify's expertise in end-to-end IT services makes Sify the ideal partner to manage the full spectrum of the IT needs of all organizations, across sector, and scale.

Telecom Services

Sify, with digital-ready network across 1400+ Indian cities, connecting 45 data centers, and 130 countries, offers end-to-end business solutions that span the entire enterprise business lifecycle. Sify is at the forefront of developing a suite of telecom services that go beyond enabling business applications to help businesses adapt to rapid growth, data-intensive applications, information security threats, and evolving technologies.

Data Center Services

Sify has over 200,000 sq. ft. of data center space spread across six owned Tier-III data centers and several more for private clients, all built to exacting specifications and best-in-align global standards. Sify's cloud cover connects over 45 data centers, across the country, on a high speed network.

Sify offers public, private, hybrid, and managed cloud services, leveraging enterprise-align technology to guarantee high availability, performance, scalability, and security. The services are a testament to Sify's proven expertise in cloud services and are offered in customizable, cost-effective models that are easy to deploy and use. Customers can leverage this network to connect their disaster recovery and near disaster recovery facilities to their primary data center.

Applications Integration Services

Sify offers a comprehensive range of consulting, implementation, and maintenance services on industry standard applications and platforms spanning SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. Leveraging our pioneering expertise in providing IT infrastructure, these applications and platforms are made available on cloud to organizations of all sizes, at a fraction of the cost of building the physical infrastructure. Our award-winning eLearning, Distributor Management System, and Digital Assessments Transformation solutions are helping organizations stay ahead.

Technology Integration Services (TIS)

Sify's technology integration services offers the latest technology products and services at competitive costs. Sify's TIS offerings are well aligned and integrated to Sify's core strength in the telecom and data center space. The core value proposition is to ensure reduction of TCO and upfront CapEx investment for our customers. The offerings are customized, based on a requirement analysis of customer IT environment and includes network integration, data center build, virtualization, enterprise security, and collaboration services.



Exclusive Features


Data Center Design, Build, and Migration Services

Proven expertise in assessment and data center consultation for design, build and migration; The company has its own mature SDA 5 (Sify Design Architecture) for designing new generation data centers; It has successfully done multiple
application level migration projects, platform migration and also complex lift and shift for colocation services; Process centric and lean operations

Data Center InterConnect

Connectivity Services. Sify has its network presence reaching to 43 data centers spread across the country (of which six are owned by Sify). Sify Data Center Interconnect is an offering to enterprise customers providing private connectivity between any of these 43 DCs, Sify can support Terabit levels of bandwidth capacity between the DCs in same city and multiple 100 Gbps

Tripp Lite

Solutions for data center applications include UPS systems, power distribution units, surge suppressors, KVM switches, cables, servers, racks, and cabinets


The company begins the cloud journey with server virtualization. Then, it evolves toward a fully virtualized softwaredefined data center architecture: virtualize networking, storage and security to create virtual data centers. Simplify the provisioning of IT resources and applications, it makes them available for consumption. The private cloud is completed by automating management for optimum performance, capacity utilization and compliance

Schneider Electric

Simplifying the data center at every step of its lifecycle including planning, designing, building, operating, maintaining, and assessment. It also helps eliminate risks, solving business-critical challenges, and meet all colocation needs.


Cabling Infrastructure


All the cabling manufacturers listed in the Buyers Guide in Structured Cabling section offer intelligent copper and
fiber cabling solutions. The OFC manufacturers offer accessories


Power Distribution and Backup

Delta Power Solutions

Amplon Series

N: Rating - 1,2,3kVA
IN: Rating- 1,2,3kVA
R: Rating- 1,2,3kVA
R (new): Rating- 1,2,3kVA, Long backup time
RT: Rating- 5,6,10kVA (11kVA for China)
N (new): Rating- 6-10kVA

Ultron Series

EH 3:1: Rating - 10,15,20 kVA
HPH: Rating - 20,30,40,60,80,100,120 kVA
NT: Rating - 20-500 kVA
NT (PF=0.9): Rating - 20-500 kVA
NT Passive Filter: Rating - 200-500 kVA
DPS: Rating - 200,300,400,500 kVA

Modulon Series

NH Plus: Rating - 20-120 kVA
DPH: Rating - 25-75/150/200 kW

InfraSuite Power

PDC: Rating - 80, 125 kVA

InfraSuite Rack

Rack: Rating - SR3110, SR1110

Ultron Series

EH 3:1: Rating - 10,15,20 kVA
HPH: Rating - 20,30,40,60,80,100,120 kVA
NT: Rating - 20-500 kVA
NT (PF=0.9): Rating - 20-500 kVA
NT Passive Filter: Rating - 200-500 kVA
DPS: Rating - 200,300,400,500 kVA

InfraSuite EMS

EMS 1000; EMS 2000; EMS 3000 (InfraSuite Manager); Document System

PQC Series

APF (draw type): Rating -415V, 75A/50A
APF (fixed type): Rating -415V, 75A/50A
APF (fixed type): Rating - 690V, 100A
APF (fixed type) Gen II: Rating - 415V, 50A
APF (fixed type): Rating - 415V, 100A
APF (wall-mounted): Rating - 415V, 75A/50A
Cabinet for APF: Rating - 415V, draw/fixed
Cabinet for APF: Rating -415V, 100A (fixed type)
Cabinet for APF: Rating -690V, fixed type


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