D-Link has a new line of bare metal switches for enterprise, data center, and service provider applications. Based on open networking standards, these D-Link switches lower costs by separating software from hardware, providing IT professionals with a choice of innovative third-party operating systems (OSs) and software options.

With open architecture and high port density, the switches are ideal for a data center or enterprise network for Top-of-Rack (ToR) applications, or as part of a 10GbE/40GbE leaf-spine architecture.

The DXS-5000-54S has been certified with the Pluribus Netvisor OS, the industry's most programmable, open network operating system (NOS). The Netvisor software is a virtualized NOS that provides best-in-align layer II and layer III networking foundation, a distributed peer-to-peer networking fabric, and virtualizes the switch hardware to support a wide range of integrated advanced networking services.

The company offers the DXS-5000-54S pre-configured with the Pluribus Netvisor OS licensed for either:

The D-Link DXS-5000-54S will begin shipping in September 2017, throughout D-Link's vast network of channel partners, including value-added resellers, distributors, and online retailers. In addition to the DXS-5000-54S, D-Link plans to develop additional open network switches supporting 25Gbps, 40Gbps, and 100Gbps interfaces, which will also support the Netvisor OS.

  • lNetvisor Enterprise – includes layer 2 and layer 3 switching and routing functionality with all standard networking protocols and high availability features.
  • lNetvisor Fabric – adds VXLAN, telemetry, adaptive cloud fabric, data center interconnect, and security and segmentation capabilities.


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