Matrix has revamped its SOHO range of PBXs to improve performance, aesthetic value, and reliability. Tailored for start-ups and small offices, the PBXs improve communication between 12 to 50 users. The PBXs find applications in healthcare, hospitality, banking, manufacturing, and retail industries.

The two eminent members of the SOHO PBX family – Eternity NE and Eternity PE are now available in plastic enclosures. The processor of Eternity NE is upgraded to TI AM3355 and the speed is increased up to 256 MB/s. The increased processor speed promises quick data transfer and quick switching even in heavy call traffic scenarios.

Although there is a slight change in the mechanical dimensions, Eternity PE and NE still remain rack
mountable. The main aim behind introducing these changes is to improve the face value, ruggedness, and functionalities of IP-PBXs. The updates have no impact on scalability and flexibility aspects of Eternity NE and Eternity PE.


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