Eaton's new air-replacement (AR)-series circuit breakers are designed to replace vintage DS and DSII series circuit breakers across low-voltage power applications, including power generation, industrial, commercial, and healthcare sectors. The Eaton replacement circuit breakers are designed to help extend the life of electrical power systems by enhancing reliability and safety, while simplifying and reducing the costs associated with installation and maintenance.

The new Eaton AR-series circuit breakers are a direct replacement for DS series circuit breakers that are included in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) switchgear. By using newly manufactured circuit breakers, Eaton helps customers increase interrupting capability and reduce downtime while avoiding the issues associated with sourcing vintage parts.

The new AR-series circuit breakers can incorporate Eaton's ArcFlash Reduction Maintenance System technology, which helps reduce arc flash levels and personal protection equipment (PPE) requirements to improve safety and productivity. Standard safety interlock accessories and covers are available for added protection during maintenance procedures. Additionally, the circuit breakers can be remotely racked with Eaton's rotary racking system.

AR-series circuit breakers are the latest Eaton technology developed to enhance power system safety and reliability. The circuit breakers are 100-percent rated and incorporate UL listed components, and are assembled and tested in ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 certified facilities.


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