Toshiba America Business Solutions has introduced one of the world's first hybrid copiers capable of producing erasable as well as standard monochrome prints.

Featuring Toshiba's proprietary erasable toner, the e-STUDIO4508LP enables paper reuse by erasing all printed content on the page. Aside from optimizing sustainability initiatives, the e-STUDIO4508LP allows organizations to function more affordably and efficiently while minimizing paper use.

Content produced using the hybrid copier's blue toner is erased by simply loading pages into a designated cassette or the bypass tray and pressing the Erase button on the e-STUDIO4508LP's front panel. Content may also be erased using the optional paper reusing device, the e-STUDIORD301, which also scans and files documents and sorts reusable paper.

Toshiba's hybrid copier's rules-based printing feature enables users to select toner setting defaults based on the application. Now printing temporary items, such as emails or documents for proofreading, may be designated to the erasable toner (at 35 pages-per-minute) to conserve paper. While more permanent documents such as receipts, insurance, and on-boarding forms may designated for monochrome output (at 45 pages-per-minute). Additionally, the product's e-BRIDGE paper reuse report summarizes paper reduction and provides additional insight into an organization's environmental impact.


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