Avaya is now offering the globally recognized quality and style of its desktop and conference phones to service providers. In collaboration with BroadSoft, Avaya is making a full portfolio of open standards, SIP-based devices available to service providers that have completed interoperability with the BroadSoft Business BroadWorks platform.

Validating Avaya’s open standards, SIP-based desktop, and conference phones with the BroadSoft Business suite is a first significant step in expanding into this new market. 

The Avaya open standards SIP-based desktop and conference phones portfolio provides simple, powerful, and affordable endpoints for a broad range of third-party, cloud call control platforms. The Avaya portfolio today includes three models – a conference phone, a desktop handset, and the sleek new Avaya Vantage phone that was just announced last fall. Additional phones will be added over the next year to support use case or job functions. The phones can also be customized with co-branding or white labeling with the service provider’s name and logo.



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