D-Link has launched the DGS-3630 Layer 3 Stackable Managed Switch series. Designed to scale from small and medium enterprises, through to enterprise and ISP applications; thanks to high port densities, switch stacking options and easy management the DGS-3630 series switches are ideal for a wide variety of applications, working either as a core, distribution, or access layer switch. Additionally the DGS-3630 series includes stacking technology, which allows up to 9 switches to be combined to form a single physical stack. This can make up to 432 Gigabit Ethernet ports available, allowing switching capacity to be increased with demand. This approach also increases redundancy over multiple physical units, and simplifies management by providing a single IP address to manage all members of the stack.

Multiple software images are supplied for the DGS-3630 series, which provide a flexible approach to software management, allowing customers to upgrade if, or when, the necessary features are required. By default, DGS-3630 series switches include the Standard Image (SI) software, for additional functionality. They may be upgraded to enhanced image (EI) or MPLS image (MI) with a separately ordered license upgrade. The standard Image provides core SMB and SME functionality, such as L2 switching, entry-level routing, L2 multicast, advanced quality of service (QoS), operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM), and robust security features. The enhanced image includes all the features from the standard image, and also supports full L3 routing for enterprise integration, including OSPF, BGP, VRF-Lite and L3 multicast. The MPLS image offers VPN services for ISPs, including IS-IS and MPLS L2/L3 VPN. The DGS-3630 series also features D-Link Green, a set of technologies that actively work to reduce the switches' power consumption and hence heat dissipation. D-Link Green includes a power-saving mode, smart-fan feature, and cable length detection. The power-saving feature automatically powers down ports that have no link or link partner. The smart-fan feature automatically optimizes the speed and operation of the built-in fans to provide continuous, reliable and eco-friendly operation of the switch.


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