Toshiba Tec Corporation has unveiled the world's first hybrid multi-function peripheral (MFP), the e-STUDIO5008LP series, which prints regular black prints as well as erasable blue prints within one device. The unique and eco-conscious product will be available this July. The e-STUDIO5008LP series, driven by Toshiba Tec's e-BRIDGE Next platform, is the newest addition to the company's state-of-the-art MFP line designed for businesses seeking to operate more ecologically, economically, and efficiently. The e-STUDIO5008LP series enables the reuse of paper via Toshiba Tec's proprietary erasable blue toner that may be erased by the heat of the hybrid MFP or the optional paper reusing device, the e-STUDIO RD301. The system limits paper consumption without restricting prints and reduces costs and the organizations' eco footprint.

Businesses often print for temporary needs such as proofreading a document, reviewing an email, or reading a fax. In these instances, the e-STUDIO5008LP series provides users the flexibility to select erasable blue toner while using regular black toner for producing more permanent documents. To simplify use, the product's rule-based printing feature allows customers to define multiple rules for automatically selecting the toner mode by application. The product's e-BRIDGE Paper Reuse Report capability generates a summary of paper reduction and average paper usage to succinctly convey an organization's environmental contribution at a glance.


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