Canon India has stepped into a new domain with the launch of a range of wireless laser presenters. The company launched four models of wireless laser presenters, including PR1000-R, PR500-R, PR100-R, and PR10-G. Ergonomically designed to be portable and lightweight, this newly launched series of products complements a wide range of presentation needs. From small conference rooms to large, expansive auditoriums, these laser presenters are designed to upscale the confidence and convenience of consumers, while presenting. Compact and sleek in design, these laser presenters feature vibrant red and green laser pointers, allowing consumers to easily highlight important charts and information in a variety of professional settings.

Plug and play. Compatible with PowerPoint and Key Note, the presenters provide wireless slide operation via a USB plug-in receiver. Requiring no setup, users can 'plug and play' and use the presenters instantly. PR1000-R supports Keynote on next slide and previous slide functions only.

High intensity green and red laser. The flagship model PR-10G features high-intensity green laser, which is 8× more visible than conventional laser pointers and has a wireless range up to 100 ft.

PR100-R and PR500-R features high intensity red laser with double the intensity than conventional laser pointers.

Backlit LCD. PR10-G and PR-100R also feature a backlit LCD smart timer, which tracks the presentation duration and displays a countdown of the remaining time, enabling the presenter to better pace the presentation. With the vibration function switched on, the speaker will be alerted through a vibration of the presenter when the duration draws to a close.

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