IBM and Zain have announced their collaboration to launch a new cloud disaster recovery service that will provide IBM and Zain’s enterprise customers with cloud-based business continuity capabilities and faster disaster recovery of their critical IT systems, without incurring the infrastructure expense of a second physical site. Through the new service, customers will benefit from the added flexibility of keeping their data in-country on IBM Cloud.

The new cloud disaster recovery service will help protect IBM and Zain customers against data loss from their own servers or from other cloud services and can maintain readiness without the need to invest in additional physical space or standby hardware. The service will provide replication of critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to IBM Cloud, so customers can recover from an IT outage within minutes.

The cloud disaster recovery team will monitor developing disaster events 24/7 and help ensure that the infrastructure of IBM and Zain customers is equipped to handle the latest threats to keep data, applications, and transactions secure. The new service will also enable customers to adjust and customize their resiliency strategies to their own requirements to optimize recovery time.

Laurence Guihard-Joly


“In the face of increased cyber attacks and other IT threats, unplanned downtime is a business risk that can damage both business operations and corporate reputations. Through this new cloud disaster recovery service, IBM and Zain customers can confidently manage any cloud environment and take proactive steps to differentiate their business resiliency capabilities and meet ‘always-on’ expectations.”

Laurence Guihard-Joly
General Manager,
IBM Global Resiliency Services

Eaman Al Roudhan


“Today’s announcement comes as part of our vision to transform Zain into a digital lifestyle provider. The business needs of our corporate customers are continuously changing, and offering them innovative solutions to help maintain resiliency is a top priority for us.”

Eaman Al Roudhan
Chief Executive Officer,
Zain Kuwait

Jean Paul Arzel

“Modernizing our backhauling and aggregation networks in addition to our SuperCore network is a major evolution of our infrastructure, allowing us to better service our customers and manage bandwidth demands as users become even more data-centric in their device use. Ciena’s 6500 platform is an essential part of both our physical network and service delivery strategy. It helps us operate in a more scalable and efficient manner by maximizing the capacity of our fiber and delivering a core network that will support current and future fixed line and mobile broadband demands.”

Jean Paul Arzel
Directeur réseau,
Bouygues Telecom


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