Emerson has completed the purchase of MYNAH Technologies, a long-time Emerson alliance partner and a leading provider of dynamic simulation and operator training software. MYNAH's solutions enable plant engineers and technicians to test and improve process-control strategies, and train plant operators, in offline, real-world scenarios before implementing them in live production. The addition of MYNAH will help support Emerson Automation Solutions and its Operational Certainty program designed to help industrial companies achieve top performance. MYNAH's Mimic Simulation Software is currently in use at more than 1400 sites across 68 countries in industries ranging from hydrocarbon production, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology.

The company's portfolio also has integration solutions that connect Emerson's DeltaV distributed control system and its production improvement capabilities with additional plant systems, helping Emerson meet customer demands for more integration and related plant-performance improvements.


 1 feb


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