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“As organizations prioritize customer engagement and retention, we are keen to make our open source based CRM solution even more widely available, while helping organizations boost efficiency, reduce costs, and propel their businesses forward. Our development team is innovating constantly as we have a host of new and emerging technologies to engage with.”

Manjunath RJ,

*astCRM has commenced it operations in India. Equipped with modern-day architecture, the company's flagship product *astCRM is perfectly suited for SMEs across key industry verticals and helps enterprises enhance their capabilities and engage more efficiently with their customer base, intensifying focus on productivity by leveraging its powerful workflows and actionable insights.

The India technology center of *astCRM will consist of experienced OSS engineers who are well versed in OSS CRM solution architecture, as well as essential software development and support capabilities. *astCRM platform is highly dynamic and flexible to be customized in an easy way to suit the requirement of each vertical that includes hospitality, healthcare, education, real estate, retail, and so on. The solution is highly affordable and well-suited for large enterprises and SMEs, while its flexibility and ease of usability makes it amazingly user friendly. The solution dramatically improves customer engagement and efficiency, resulting in increased conversions, accelerated deliveries, reduced costs, and higher revenue potential.

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