Iguazio has thrown its hat into the serverless computing space with bold claims of performance that outpaces segment heavyweight Amazon Web Services (AWS) while also stripping out enterprise concerns over vendor lock-in.

The company’s efforts to disrupt the establishment are with its recently launched Nuclio serverless platform. Nuclio is set to battle established players in the space, including AWS’ Lambda, Microsoft’s Azure Functions, IBM’s OpenWhisk, and Oracle’s FN.

Nuclio is offered as either a managed service or through an open source model. It can be run as a standalone option for use in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, packaged within a Docker container, or can be integrated with a container orchestrator like Kubernetes. It also uses Kubernetes Secrets for security and can run the Kubernetes command line interface (CLI) to monitor functions.

Iguazio CTO Yaron Haviv said Nuclio can process up to 400,000 events per second, compared to just 2,000 events per second from Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Lambda. He noted this was possible because Nuclio exposes the serverless processes up to 100-times faster than AWS.

Haviv did admit that Nuclio was not yet as mature as Lambda, but that in a few months “it can be used in production.”

Haviv also threw shade at OpenWhisk and Oracle. He noted the former was “extremely complicated” and that most would not choose IBM for a “neutral-host offering.” The latter was claimed to be to slow and challenging to implement.

Beyond the claimed performance benefits, Haviv said Nuclio also outpaces its rivals because of its ability to help enterprises avoid vendor lock-in. This is due to the platform’s open source architecture that allows for portability across cloud offerings.

“Enterprise are being challenged by being locked in by Amazon,” Haviv said. “[Nuclio] is a breakthrough in the serverless ecosystem and we call on the serverless community to join us.”

Iguazio has presented Nuclio to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Serverless Working Group in an attempt to drum up support from the open source community. – SDX Central


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