The Broadband India Forum (BIF) welcomes the recommendations released by TRAI yesterday on Net Neutrality and reaffirms its support to Net Neutrality. BIF supports an open Internet and believes that consumers should decide what to do online. 

Commenting on the recommendations issued by TRAI, Mr. TV Ramachandran, President Broadband India Forum said, “BIF warmly welcomes these Recommendations by TRAI on Net Neutrality. We laud the Authority for upholding the freedom of the Internet and clearly enunciating all the concerned principles of Net Neutrality.  The Recommendations are strongly in favour of consumers and in the overall interest of the general public. They constitute a very good foundation for Digital India.”

As recommended by TRAI, BIF supports that Net Neutrality Regulations should only be applicable to Telecom Service Providers/Internet Service Providers and not to the OTTs/CDNs/Specialized Services.  Also, BIF supports the recommendation that there should be no blocking, throttling and discrimination of any content available on the Public Internet. BIF completely agrees to the TRAI recommendation of formation of industry led multi-stakeholder body for enforcement & monitoring work in a collaborative framework.

BIF underlines its commitment to the Digital India and empowering consumers with efficient and economical Broadband. While submitting its response to TRAI consultation paper on Net Neutrality, BIF had submitted that Net Neutrality principles that ensure that there is no interference to customers’ ability to access lawful online content, applications, and services of their choice. While protecting Net neutrality principles, TRAI must ensure consumer choice without compromising need to innovate. – Communications Today Bureau

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