Zegami announces the release of the Zegami Cloud Beta platform. Zegami is providing a brand-new way to search and explore datasets with its innovative use of images, enabling new discoveries that were previously unattainable.

By taking the technology to the cloud, Zegami is looking to massively increase its reach by making it easy for anyone to upload and analyze their data.

"To date we've seen our platform used in scientific research and industry," said Samuel Conway, CEO of Zegami. "By making it available on the cloud, we are now allowing everyone to put their data in Zegami and take advantage of our technology."

By attaching images to data, Zegami can leverage human pattern recognition to its fullest extent. It provides a canvas that lets customers understand all their information at once while being able to quickly analyze, identify and zoom in on the most relevant detail.

"While we've seen our ability to collect and store data grow exponentially, the final step of communicating information to people has remained rudimentary," said Roger Noble, CTO of Zegami. "On the whole, we are still stuck with looking at data in tables and charts or scrolling through pages of information.'

"Zegami offers a game-changing paradigm in the way we communicate information to people and we've already offered unique value to customers in scientific research, sports, retail and HR."

Initially the cloud beta trial will be by invitation only. – Communications Today Bureau

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