Reliance Jio tied up with Norton to offer best comprehensive mobile security solution to its consumers by the name of JioSecurity. Both the companies have agreed on becoming partners to monitors apps on the smartphone of the users and provide safety from any malware and offer the privacy of apps.

The Reliance Jio’s, JioSecurity is a mobile app only for the Jio users. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android smartphones and Apple App Store for iPhone users.

Reliance Jio- Norton partnership for mobile security

JioSecurity is one of the biggest step taken by the Reliance Industries Ltd. in terms of offering security and safety to its Jio customers. The reason behind Reliance Jio and Norton collaboration is the survey report conducted by Norton that revealed that over 40 percent smartphone users in India are not aware of the mobile security and privacy of app policy. Due to which, many of the smartphone users in India, unknowingly share details of their phone by granting the access to their mobile data and the contacts.

Well, JioSecurity will help the Reliance Jio users to keep a check on such illegitimate practicing of breaching someone’s privacy and will make your smartphone more user-friendly. JioSecurity app will also enable Jio users to enjoy some interesting features along with malware scanner and the protection of web and device.

How will JioSecurity work

Post the partnership of Reliance Jio and Norton, the JioSecurity has become active for all Jio users across India. To use the JioSecurity app, the Reliance Jio user will have to simply download the app with their Jio ID from either Google Play Store or from the Apple App Store. After completing the downloading of JioSecurity app, fill in the administration permission followed by the scanning of the mobile phone from all sorts of malware, spams, and viruses. – Chandigarh Metro 


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