Rental of test equipment is finally starting to become a part of Indian technology culture, as a growing number of companies learn about the array of benefits it has compared to direct purchase. The fast moving nature of the India market, with new technology standards being adopted all the time, means that key test requirements continue to evolve at a dramatic pace. Consequently there are serious risks that purchased equipment could quickly become outdated and the investment made in it might not be recouped. Also budgetary constraints are now dictating that test hardware should be obtained without having to make heavy upfront payments.

Test equipment sourcing specialist Livingston first established operations in Indian operation in 2010. The company has, since then, witnessed substantial growth in its market share and expanded its client base considerably. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Livingston India offers an extensive range of test equipment from leading manufacturers like Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Anritsu, JDSU, Yokogawa, EXFO, Kaelus, Fluke, Tektronix, Fujikura, and Sumitomo. Its comprehensive portfolio includes OTDRs, fibre splicers, OSAs, PIM testers, cable antenna testers, network analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, etc. This is backed up by in-depth engineering and application advice from its highly skilled locally based staff.

Livingston India presents the Indian market with wide array of equipment sourcing options - allowing customers to find the perfect match for their particular needs. In addition to short/medium term rental plans, the company offers long term leasing and rent-to-buy services. It also provides companies with highly effective asset management services.

Clearly test equipment require periodic servicing, maintenance, and recalibrations at relatively frequent intervals. It is crucial to have mechanisms in place to safeguard against downtime during such activities otherwise costs will be accrued. Furthermore, if rented equipment is 5 or 6 years old then its performance must be brought into question. Aware of all these issues, Livingston India offers substitute units for those being serviced or recalibrated. Furthermore, the company only employs the newest equipment, replacing it every three years.

To complement its test equipment rental and leasing offerings, Livingston India presents its customers with industry-leading asset management services. Livingston has developed its own proprietary software packages for hire management, asset management, and calibration management purposes. Through these services and by utilising our sophisticated on-line tools, equipment utilisation can be increased dramatically (by as much as 70 percent in some cases) and last minute purchases to cover any unforeseen shortfalls can be avoided. Equipment that is redundant in one location can made use of elsewhere in the organisation, or alternatively it can be sold off so as to generate extra cash for reinvestment back into the business.

Livingston India differentiates itself from other rental firms within the Indian market in terms of the scope of products it offers and the high degree of quality the products attain. As part of the Microlease Group, it can draw the support of a global network with longstanding expertise in test equipment rental and asset management with products suitable for the telecom and semiconductor sectors. By working with Livingston India, customers can implement far better strategies when it comes to sourcing and managing of test equipment. They are able to mitigate the financial penalties associated with underutilization of equipment, equipment failure, inadequate downtime cover, or poor organisation of test assets.


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