• nMeasure MPO length;
  • nMeasures optical loss at multiple wavelengths;
  • nChecks polarity for all 12 MPO fibers;
  • nDelivers test results for all 12 MPO fibers in < 6 seconds;
  • nProvides native MPO end-face inspection and automated analysis for both trunk cables and bulkheads;
  • nDual wavelength optical light sources;
  • nInspect fiber end faces;
  • n3.5" color touch screen interface on all MPOLx devices;
  • nGenerate certification reports;
  • nFull visibility and control at both the source and power meter; and
  • nFast and reliable test and certification workflow.


  • nThe industry's smallest handheld instrument can test throughout the service life cycle, including service activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance;
  • nAdvanced Ethernet test features such as TrueSpeed per RFC 6349 and, J-Profiler help field technicians test their networks faster and more accurately than ever before;
  • nElectrical (10/100/1000) and optical (100M, 1GE) ethernet interfaces;
  • nAutomated, enhanced RFC 2544 and SAMComplete testing per ITU-T Y.1564;
  • nIntegrated burst testing approach per MEF 34 and RFC 6349 TrueSpeed TCP throughput testing;
  • nEnsures reliability with link and service OAM (IEEE 802.3ah, 802.1ag, and ITU-T Y.1731);
  • nValidates network scalability with VLAN, Q-in-Q, MAC-in-MAC, MPLS, and VPLS tunneling technologies;
  • nFull-featured VoIP and IP video turn-up and troubleshooting tests;
  • nSupports packet transport network (PTN) evolution with MPLS-TP technology;
  • nLarge 7" multitouch display, compact form factor for easy portability: 7 x 9.5 x 3" (17.8 x 24.1 x 7.62 cm);
  • nIntegrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lets you easily connect test sets and offload results;
  • nOptimized for field use with a multitouch screen, scripted workflows, and clear results; and
  • nSupports efficient best practices with repeatable methods and procedures.

Smart OTU

  • nReduce mean-time-to-repair by locating fiber optic faults in minutes instead of hours;
  • nQuickly detect and locate fiber intrusion for 24/7 network protection;
  • nReady to deploy right out of the box: no server or local PC required;
  • nE-mail and SMS notifications;
  • nRack mounted OTDR and switch for fiber optic monitoring. With only 2RU height, it can monitor up to 48 lit or dark fibers of more than 150 km;
  • nAnticipate service disruptions by detecting fiber degradation before it affects service;
  • nReduce operational costs by eliminating erroneous dispatches;
  • nProtect your investment by monitoring the long-term performance of installed fiber;
  • nSNMP interface;
  • nFault localization on cloud-based apps or legacy GIS;
  • nDisplays the exact GPS location of a fault on widely-available, cloud-based mapping such as Google, Bing, or legacy GIS;
  • nSolid-state disk, dual power feed, low-power consumption;
  • nEasy-to-use interface with Web browser access;
  • nAverage trouble ticket closure time reduced by 30 percent; and
  • nBetter performance to service level agreements (SLA).



Exclusive Features



A portable unit designed for the use of testing telecommunication equipment; has Psophometric filter, which has the frequency response of the weighing network based on the CCITT recommendations and frequency response characteristics for unweighted measurements


Double independent Outputs, AM FM/PM/FSK/ PSK Modulation, 1PPM High accuracy, Users can set accurate pulse width, burst signals as numbers, USB Device, RS-232 (20MHz/150MHz/300MHz)


20 Hz to 300 kHz test frequency; 0.05 percent high measurement accuracy; R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q test modes; measurement parameters - Ls/Lp, Cs/Cp, Rs/Rp, D, Q, ESR,


Dual Channel Arbitrary Waveform Generaotrs; 4.3’ high resolution TFT LCD display, two independent channels outputs with same characteristics, 1-uHz frequency
resolution for whole range, 120-MSa/S sampling sate, 14-bit vertical resolution, 5 std. wavforms 50 built-in & 5 users defined wavforms

2100 series

1500MHz Maximum Frequency, 1ppm High accuracy, Less distortion, Dual independent outputs, AM, FM, FSK, PSK Modulation, Good sine wave spectrual purity, Wid range of level outputfrom -127dBm to +13dBm, Frequency sweep and burst modes are available, Users can set accurate pulse width, burst signals as numbers, USB Device, RS232


Power Quqlity Analyzer is the professional portable device to measure and analyze the power system quality, harmonic analysis and power quality data analysis, also provide big memory for data storage which is used to make the long term logger measuring to power system. The PC software cab siply upload the data to PC forr full analysis

SA3000 series

Frequency range 9KHz to 1.5 GHz/2.2GHz/3GHz. Phase noise -80dBc/Hz, Amplitude resolution + 1.0dB, RBW: 10Hz to 1MHz in step 1-3-10, standard EMI filter, Quasi- Peak Detector, Channel power, Adjacent Channel power/ occupied bandwidth measurement, Tracking Generator, USB Host,USB device, LAN, RS232

1100 series

High accuracy with mimimum measuring resolution of 10 digits/S, 16 bit microcontroller is used and the speed of data processing is fast, Maximum frequency measurement is up to 16GHz, Utility statistic function of multi average, maximum,
minimum, PPM, standard deviationand Allan Variance for frequency measurement, High Stability crystal oscillator is optional

Astellia India

Nova Customer Analytics

Helps mobile operators gain a better understanding of customer behavior; follow QoE for key customers; detect potential churners; as well as monitor and assess corporate service level agreements (SLA)

Nova Performance

Provides performance management and KPI trend analysis capabilities; enables multi-dimensional data manipulation (network element, cell, APN, QCI, applications, group of subscribers & devices)

Nova Service Analytics

Empowers SOC department with service quality management to pinpoint service problems at network level and trouble ticket to the right team thanks to issue demarcation capabilities

Nova RAN Optimizer

A multi-technology & multi-vendor radio optimization tool which uses network equipment call trace files to measure RF coverage & quality of the network. It facilitates daily radio optimization tasks by automating recurrent analysis and
reduces drastically the number of drive tests

Nova Care

Designed for customer service and technical support departments; provides subscriber experience overview assessments and fast customer complaint analysis


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