EXFO FTBx-88400NGE 400G Analyzer

Network infrastructure planners must deal with skyrocketing demands for more bandwidth, including in the data center interconnect (DCI) or even in core and metro networks. Network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) continue to push the limits of technology, developing increasingly innovative 400G solutions. High-speed transceivers (pluggables) are being designed to be smaller and consume less power in order to meet the requirements of delivering high port density at a low cost. In the upcoming 400G world, transceiver testing is of critical importance.

FG-750 Fiber Guardian

Scalable test solution for fiber network monitoring and management, from one stand-alone unit to centrally managed systems with one or hundreds of test ports. FG is a plug-and-play solution that is simple enough for beginners, yet powerful and flexible enough for experts. The unit does not require any additional infrastructure, i.e., no server or external PCjust a LAN/WAN connection and a web browser for remote access. If you have limited knowledge of the fault-detection thresholds required for a new fiber, simply select the appropriate sensitivity level desiredfine, normal or coarseand Fiber Guardian will take care of the rest.

Copper Taps

The Ixia line of copper taps provides complete traffic visibility and access to any network connection. A copper tap can be deployed onto any inline copper network link, delivering permanent monitoring access ports. The copper tap provides an out-of-band monitoring or security tool, with all traffic as if it were sitting inline. The taps send copies of traffic, including Layer I and Layer II errors, from each side of the full-duplex network link to its respective monitor ports. Copper Taps provide network isolation, dropping any traffic that is accidentally or maliciously transmitted back onto the monitor ports and also are isolated from network because they have no IP address, eliminating exposure to external attacks. Two models of copper taps: Gig Zero Delay Tap and 10/100/1000 Copper Tap.

R&S Ultracompact Drive Test Scanner

The scanner measures up to eight technologies simultaneously and seamlessly in wireless communications bands, four scanners can be combined for 4x4 MIMO measurements being light weight and low power consumption, it meets all the requirements placed on a drive test scanner. Key facts include multiband support from 350 MHz to 4.4 GHz; Up to eight technologies simultaneously in one scanner; Internal GPS/Glonass receiver.

Sumitomo Type-82C Splicing Machine

Sumitomo's Ultra-fast splicing machine with just five seconds splicing time; ultra-fast heating of nine seconds; low maintenance cost, 5" touch optimized user interface with High resolution display, user friendly universal clamps, automatic arc calibration, light weight, high data storage, shock resistance, water resistance, dust resistance, 200 images/10000 data storage capacity, provides 300 splice and heat cycles, remote upgradation, Electrode Life with 6000 arcs. SD Card slot up to 32Gb.

iBwave Wi-Fi Solution

When it comes to planning and designing indoor Wi-Fi networks, three of the largest challenges companies faces are: the time and money required to deploy networks, guaranteeing network quality to keep the end users satisfied, and ensuring simple maintenance and upgrades in the future. With iBwave one also gets access to iBwave's certification program to instill proficiency and best practices for your entire team. From site survey to post-deployment maintenance, use the iBwave
Wi-Fi Suite through all phases of your Wi-Fi network projects to streamline your network planning and design activities.



Exclusive Features


BTS Master MT8220T

Handheld Base Station Analyzer, support 4G wireless networks as well as installed 2G, 3G and WiMAX networks; provides 20 MHz bandwidth modulation quality for LTE
eNodeB testing equipped with a high-contrast, touch screen display and backlit key panel


Mobile device test platform supporting multisystem mobile terminal protocol conformance tests and carrier acceptance tests; In addition to supporting standalone tests of W-CDMA and LTE systems, can also be configured as a customized
integrated environment for Inter-RAT tests between LTE, GSM, W-CDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA mobile systems


All-in-one transport tester supports testing from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, OTN core and metro network research, development, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance,
Class Ethernet equipment manufacturing, installation and troubleshooting, mobile backhaul network installation and verification, mobile fronthaul network installation and verification, powerful storage area networking (SAN) testing, quick and easy testing of SDH/SONET and PDH/DSn networks, upto 4 ports at all rates, easy and intuitive GUI, WLAN/Bluetooth/LAN connectivity, PDF, CSV and XML report generation for documentation of test results, remote operation (VNC), dedicated remote GUI software and remote control (scripting), compact, lightweight design for
maximum field portability, modular platform

BERTWave MP2100B

Test Set with Built-in BERT and Sampling Oscilloscope Supporting Evaluation of Optical Modules, Includes BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, Eye pattern analyses; Incorporates a BERT supporting upto 4 channels as well as a sampling oscilloscope in a single, compact, 18 cm deep cabinet, Reduces measurement times by eliminating the need to change cable connections at simultaneous BER measurements, eye mask tests, and eye pattern analyses; adding the SFP+ plug-in port supports optical BER measurements; Built-in 4ch BERT and sampling
oscilloscope; simultaneous 4ch Bit Error Rate (BER) measurements, high-quality waveform PPG (1 ps rms Jitter), high-input sensitivity (10 mVp-p minimum input sensitivity), high-speed Eye Mask test and eye pattern analysis at 150 ksample/s max, supports differential signal BER measurement, eye Mask test and Eye pattern analysis, up to six built-in Bessel filters for full-featured application support, compact
(18 cm deep) test set for optical module evaluation, simultaneous measurement of BER, Jitter, Eye pattern and Eye Mask, supports WDP measurements, calculates optimum values for sampling simultaneously with equalizer and emphasis
values to display Eye Pattern, and simultaneous Eye Pattern, eye mask and jitter measurements of simulated waveform


Available with two frequency ranges starting from 150 kHz up to 4 GHz and 150 kHz to 6 GHz, it is a small headless Site Master product capable of measurements down to 150 kHz for low frequency radio communications applications and up
to 6 GHz for higher frequency applications like LTE-U in the 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum. Can use a powerful suite of software applications Optimized for field use; Smallest, lightest, and fastest Site Master; Direct connection to DUTs
eliminating the need for phase stable cables; and Powered through USB interface (No battery required)


Network Master, Cost-effective, easy-to-use, full-function, multi-protocol transport tester. It is the ideal all-in-one platform for R&D and manufacturing tests as well as network I&M and troubleshooting tests at bit rate to 100 Gbps. The easily expandable MT1100A platform offers a cost-effective upgrade path customized to network conditions


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