Stepping up investments on projects that entail internal funding, BSNL will pump in about 2500 crore during the second half of this fiscal in various projects such as expansion of Wi-Fi hotspots, installation of mobile towers, and strengthening of core network. The investments for full fiscal are in two parts. About 4000 crore is earmarked for BSNL's own projects and 3000 crore for government-funded projects. For projects that are being funded by BSNL, they have already pumped in about 1500 crore during the first half of the fiscal, and about 2500 crore will be invested between October and March for setting up of Wi-Fi hotspots, GSM expansion, and strengthening of core network. Installation of mobile towers in Left-Wing Extremist states, BharatNet, and Defense's network for spectrum project are among the government-funded programs being executed by BSNL. Projects that are funded internally include expansion of Wi-Fi hotspots, GSM mobile network, and strengthening of core network, that is, laying of optical fiber and investment in related network equipment.


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