Assocham has strongly opposed any restriction by way of a telecom service provider (TSP)-agnostic platform and rather suggested the TRAI to restore the pricing flexibility to licensed TSPs and urgent review of differential pricing regulation.

If the TSP-agnostic platform is to be regulated, then why a similar platform cannot be offered by TSPs under a similar regulatory framework? Allowing content providers to adopt these models and provide the service will cause loss of revenue to the exchequer amounting to restrict TSPs' right to conduct business.

European Union regulations and the United States of America's Open Internet rules both allow differential pricing subject to certain boundaries, maintaining the net neutrality principle. As a result, they recognize that it is imperative to provide technical and commercial flexibility to TSPs.

The authority should take a holistic view on the issues relating to OTT services, net neutrality, same-service same-rules, and differential pricing and take a 
de-novo approach to the issue of provisioning free

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