"Smartphone penetration is almost 90 percent in these markets, which makes India a critical market from where we will seek tremendous opportunities going forward. If the finishing industry develops in India like it has in China, and it is cost-effective, we may consider manufacturing."

John Bayne
Vice President and General Manager,
Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning Inc. is planning to expand its Gorilla Glass in India in synchronization with smartphone penetration.

India has roughly one billion cell phone users, of which 20 percent use smartphones and 80 percent use feature phones. It is still a small market and is just getting started for Corning and the company plans to grow in this market directly with smartphone penetration.

While Corning's initial growth came from North America, Europe, and China, these markets are now saturated when it comes to smartphone users and now seek India as an expansion opportunity. The company is a major supplier to international companies including Samsung, Dell, Motorola, and Lenovo, and also domestic players such as Lava, Micromax, and Karbonn.

Corning anticipates tapping into the mobile phone corporations in India and plans to commence co-branding activities with these firms.

Gorilla Glass 3 is already the highest seller in India and Corning will be working with more local OEMs and brands. The top four or five brands are Indian companies whom Corning will help. In addition, Corning has also opted to work with entry-level smartphone makers since that provides it with pricing flexibility. In recent times, the company has penetrated the screen protector industry and is looking forward to releasing these products in the country.

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