Anritsu Corporation has introduced BERTWave MP2110A series, optimized for manufacturing inspection of 100-Gbit/s multi-channel optical modules. The newly added BERTWave MP2110A is an all-in-one instrument targeted at simultaneous BER measurements and eye pattern analysis required for evaluation of optical modules, and optical devices used by optical communications systems, including 100 GbE, InfiniBand EDR, 32G fiber channel, etc.

The all-in-one MP2110A not only cuts instrument capital costs, but also shortens measurement times due to high-speed sampling, and the high-sensitivity error detector performance improves yields to help slash optical module and optical device production costs.

Key features:

  • lAll-in-one simultaneous TRx tests of optical modules and optical devices
  • lSampling oscilloscope with high-speed sampling and high-sensitivity optical interface
  • lBuilt-in low-jitter, high-sensitivity BERT supporting up to 4ch
  • lBuilt-in PC for stable operation

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