Transcom Instruments has launched the revolutionary second generation of Channel Emulator Pathrrot X2. It is meant for the emulation of a 4G/5G channel environment and available in 2, 4, 8, and 16 RF Interface channel configuration and 2×2, 4×2, and 4×4 MIMO channel configuration covering the frequency range from 500 MHz to 4GHz (30 MHz–6 GHz optional). It widely supports all kinds of MIMO channel models and has excellent RF performance with rich channel models and user friendly experience. Pathrrot X2 has optional RF channel signal bandwidth of 40 , 60, and 100 MHz with an input power range of –50 to +15 dBm and output power range of –100 to –10 dBm (–110 to –10 dBm optional).


Applications of MIMO Channel Emulator – Pathrrot X2

It provides the solution to simulate the vivid interference scenario and wireless channel characteristics, algorithm verification for wireless channel models.


Key features

  • End-to-end performance tests of wireless device and network infrastructure: The test environment can be built indoors to vividly simulate outdoor channel characteristics instead of field testing.
  • Quality tests of wireless devices and network infrastructures: These fully demonstrate the influence of channels on the receiving and transmitting performance of terminals or base station equipment, and add reference specifications to improve equipment quality.
  • Algorithm verification for wireless channel models: This involves providing an integrated software and hardware platform to verify the model algorithm.
  • Simulate wireless channel characteristics: This involves including path loss, multipath fading, delay spread, Doppler shift, polarization, correlation, and spatial parameters, which have significant influence on the performance of MIMO system.
  • Simulate the vivid interference scenario: This helps support the generation of AWGN and single-tone interference signals.
  • Pathrrot X2 uses the graphic user-interface (GUI), support touchscreen, and provides a friendly interaction experience.
  • Excellent RF performance, continuous coverage of wide frequency bands and large dynamic range of input/output power.
  • Include complex channel models for broadband wireless communications.
  • Flexible channel configurations, satisfying diverse needs of customers.
  • Have an open interface and support user-defined channel models.

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