Anritsu Corporation has released its simple conformance test system ME7800L for easy and cost-effective RF and protocol conformance tests of 3GPP-compliant LTE mobile terminals. The new test system supports conformance testing to confirm that LTE mobile terminals can connect with the world’s mobile networks. 

It is based on Anritsu’s popular ME7873LA and ME7834LA with proven track records in full RF and protocol conformance testing, respectively, but incorporates only basic functions and performance in one simple package.

LTE is a 4G mobile communications standard in use by smartphones in the world’s developed countries. It is also expected to see widespread deployment in other countries currently using the legacy 2G GSM mobile standard, which will create increasing demand for a cost-effective test system incorporating the required key test functions.

With this launch, Anritsu expects to maintain its leading role as the main player in meeting customers’ requirements for deployment of LTE mobile systems with better communications quality.

The ME7800L is a cost-effective test system focused on basic RF and protocol conformance tests in one platform. Like its predecessor ME7873LA and ME7834LA units, as well as offering GCF/PTCRB-approved test cases, it also inherits their excellent operability, reliability, and stability. It is the ideal platform for starting development and testing of LTE mobiles as well as for strengthening test resources.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective LTE RF and protocol conformance testing. It incorporates all the hardware and software for LTE basic function tests in one convenient package, lowering the barrier to introducing conformance testing. Both RF and protocol conformance tests can be run simultaneously while the RF conformance tests support TRx, performance, and RRM tests.
  • GCF/PTCRB-approved conformance test system following 3GPP standards. Like the ME7873LA and ME7834LA, the ME7800L is a GCF/PTCRB-approved test system and all its supported test cases are approved by GCF/PTCRB. Both the RF and protocol tests follow the 3GPP standards.
  • Target markets. LTE-chipset, module, mobile-terminal, and smartphone manufacturers; communications operators; and test houses.
  • Applications. Development and QA of chipsets, modules, mobile terminals, and smartphones


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