MediaTek Inc. has introduced the 4x4 802.11n and Bluetooth 5.0 system-on-chip featuring a dedicated Wi-Fi network accelerator. The MediaTek MT7622 was created for premium networking devices including routers and repeaters, whole-home Wi-Fi, and home-automation gateways that pre-integrate audio and storage features.

With versatility at the core of its design, the MT7622 chipset is a single platform for 4x4 dual-band and tri-band premium networking devices and introduces several best-in-class features including Bluetooth 5.0 and Hardware NAT, Hardware QoS and a dedicated Wi-Fi engine – MediaTek’s Wi-Fi Warp Accelerator.

Delivering speed and networking efficiency are key for networking device manufacturers. MediaTek’s Wi-Fi Warp Accelerator eliminates bottlenecks by connecting the Gigabit+ class 802.11ac networking with multi-Gigabit internal pathways. It also features the ability to offload the CPU from multiple-users throughput and QoS calculations, all with lower power consumption. The end result is the ability to sustain high-performance for multiple, simultaneous heavy users.


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